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Two Sizes Available - 200 gram shrink-wrapped slices & 5lb bulk blocks

Our 200 gram fudge - Almost 50 Flavours
      With no label and label options.

Belgian Chocolate
Turttle Delight
Chocolate Maple
Pure Canadian Maple
Maple Walnut
Chocolate Mint Swirl
Cookies ‘n Cream
Pralines ‘n Cream
Butter Pecan
Chocolate Caramel
Rocky Road
Chocolate Walnut
Reezes Pieces
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Belgian Triple Chocolate
Double Dark Decadent
Irish Cream
Choclate Orange Swirl
Penuche (aka Brown Sugar or Sucre à la crème)
Choclate Amaretto
Heavenly Hash
Peanut Butter
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch
Belgian "All White" Dream
Black Forest
* Candy Cane
Vanilla Walnut
Cranberry Raspberry
Chocolate Macaroon
Strawberry Cheesecake
Madagascar Vanilla
* Pumpkin Pie
Mocha Cappuccino
Caramel Apple
Mint Chocolate Ripple
Chocolate Typhoon
Licorice Allsorts
Cremesicle Swirl
* Egg Nog
Choclate Jalapeno
Chocolate Raspberry

* indicates Seasonal Flavours

WHY SO MANY FLAVOURS: Increased sales! We recommend a minimum of 8 to 10 flavour choices, 12 or 15 would be even better. This helps promote greater multiple sales per customer. Currently we offer "almost 50" varieties, with new flavours being added, allowing the opportunity to increase your flavour selection at any time.

Fudge Preparation: Our fudge is cut to approximately 200 gram / 7 oz. slices (piece), shrink wrapped, and labels stating the ingredients, nutritional information, barcode, manufacturer and fudge flavour are optional.

Wrap/label options are as shown below:

Shrink Wrapped No Label - complete coverage with shrink wrap. Any display method may be used.

With Front Label - a colourful label listing the flavour, description, ingredients, weight and manufacturer name.  

With Back Label - a generic white label listing the flavour, ingredients, allergy alert, weight and bar code.  

Shelf life - our 200 gram fudge is shrink wrapped offering 3 months shelf life at room temperature. There is a small ‘best before date’ sticker and ‘lot code’ sticker placed on the bottom of each slice of wrapped fudge.



Our original 200g size, will remain a tradition, with the flexibility of no label and labelled slices, almost 50 flavour varieties, flexible flavour ordering options within one mixed case and available professional showcases will give that statement;    "We are in the Fudge Business!"

Our 200g size in displayer box: has been developed with its own displayer box to allow a retailer the opportunity to carry gourmet fudge in its simplest form. Take the displayer box out of the master case, open it up and that is it! Ready to be sold. The retailers that do not wish to maintain a showcase setup can now carry this attractive unique display. Each displayer box has 12 slices of fudge and there are 4 displayer boxes to each ‘master case’. Four different fudge flavours can be ordered for each ‘master case’. Any type of retail store - whether they carry food products or not - can now enjoy the benefits (profits) of carrying fudge. Don't miss out on the potential, contact us today!          

 200 gram Fudge / Displayers  
  We have packaged our gourmet fudge in a unique displayer! 
Gourmet Fudge At Its Best!        


200g each Slice


Size of One Displayer - 5.5"w X 11.8"d X 3.0"h

200g each Slice / 12 slices per displayer / 4 displayers per Master Case



We have a Fundraising Program. Order only what you have pre-sold. Ideal for schools, sports clubs, hospitals, churches, community service groups, charities, and other organizations. A unique alternative! We do most of the work for you and include everything. Forms available online at our ‘Fundraising page’. Please contact us to receive your password.


From a small event to a national campaign let us help. 


For Complete Details and Additional Information visit the

Fundraising Page!



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